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All-New Ford Mondeo

The perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship, performance and efficiency, innovative design and precision engineering, the all-new Ford Mondeo is designed to inspire.

An image of refinement

With its flowing lines, low roofline and bold detailing: this is a sleeker, more predatory and more aggressive looking Mondeo altogether. Striking: definitely. Sophisticated: undoubtedly. The interior is equally uncompromising, a fusion of cutting-edge design and technology, with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Headlamps that help you see round bends

Ford Dynamic LED headlamps aren’t just striking; they’re smart. Ultra-efficient LEDs project an intense light, from lamps that precisely follow the road as you turn the steering wheel. Even ‘traditional’ indicator lights have been replaced by a more advanced and visible alternative: strips of LEDs that illuminate in flowing sequence when you indicate.

Technology and the art of parking

Next generation Active Park Assist does more than just steer you into parallel parking spaces, the system can assist you with perpendicular parking too. Ultrasonic sensors determine if your car can fit, then computer software steers you in. The technology even warns you if it senses obstructions you might not see while reversing.

Advanced hands-free technology

Ford SYNC with MyFordTouch lets you control your music and calls on your mobile via a colour touch-screen, or by using simple voice commands. The system even reads your incoming texts aloud.


Added protection for your passengers

In an All-New Mondeo, the two rear outer seats can be fitted with a unique safety feature: Inflatable Rear Seat Belts. In the event of an impact, the belts inflate and spread the crash forces over five times the area of the body than conventional seat belts. By reducing pressure on the chest and better controlling head and neck movement, this innovative technology is designed to reduce the likelihood of injury.

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